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AC&Y Roster Thus Far

Written By: Alan - Apr• 11•10

Google is my friend. The mere fact that I can search countless hobby shop inventories from the comfort of my home is amazing. We live in a rural area which is a little piece of heaven on earth however one penalty we pay is the fact that it is a minimum 3 hour round trip to visit hobby shops in the city. Google and UPS negates this penalty. It’s a wonderful thing!

My quest for AC&Y motive power and rolling stock is nearing an end for now. It appears I have tapped out the AC&Y inventories of the online hobby shops. Other than a pre-order for the upcoming InterMountain AC&Y boxcars my roster is likely to remain static until the rails are in place.

AC&Y Roster:

5 – Atlas H16-44 locomotives (9592’s & 9593’s)
6 – Accurail 55 ton hoppers (2521)
2 – Kadee PS-1 red oxide box cars (4002)
1 – Kadee PS-1 red oxide box car (4041)
1 – Kadee PS-1 red oxide box car (4058)
3 – Kadee PS-1 yellow box cars (4045)
12 – Bev-Bel PS-1 red oxide box cars (2396)
6 – Bowser 70 ton covered hoppers (56457 & 56458)
2 – Atlas NE-6 cabooses (6313-1 & 6313-2)

Not enough to fill Brittain Yard but a good start!


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