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The Wheels Are Moving…Slowly

Written By: Alan - Jun• 04•10

Well, I am almost 6 months into the model railroad room build and progress has been slow. Real slow. But progress is being made nonetheless. Summer is here so the outdoor activities have picked up. Mowing and trimming take almost a full day of each weekend. And then there is horse pasture maintenance. Over Memorial Day weekend my wife and I worked the back pasture to get it in tip top shape for summer grazing. Between the two of us we spent over 16 hours on the tractor and burned through 15 gallons of diesel. That is a serious amount of mowing. But now it is done and the pasture is in prime shape.

In the last post I stated I was finally ready for drywall pending the completion of a few odds and ends. The odds and ends are finished however I have yet to hang a single piece of drywall. Hopefully this coming weekend I can get started. In the mean time here are a few pics of the train room under construction. With any luck at all the studs won’t be visible much longer. 🙂

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My tie-in to the sewer main for the basement bathroom crock discharge (final hookup after drywall is up)

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The new train room wall seen from inside train room

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The new bathroom

Next post I will be covered in plaster dust!


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