A Railroad with Relevance

Module #6

Written By: Alan - Nov• 25•15

Another module is complete. module 6 locationThis really has turned into lather, rinse, repeat construction. No new issues with this module. Assembly was quick and painless. Very enjoyable.


Looking back I should not have located so many components on the narrowest part of the module especially with it being a power connection point. Made working there a bit tight but all is well that ends well.


Few words today, loads of build pictures.


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  1. David Stewart says:

    Missing you on MRH!

    I, too, was checking this site during the summer and thinking “Oh no, now what?”.

    Great to see you progressing once more.

    Thanks for sharing here.

    David Stewart

  2. Lee Lovelette says:

    No kidding about the quick part…

    Now you can run a train out of the yard to switch out the tire plant and back…you know, to check for glitches


  3. Alan says:

    Yes, much checking for glitches may be needed -wink-

  4. Rob Dove says:

    Glad to see that things are going along with the layout. I have also been missing your updates on MRH as well. Nice to see things are going well.

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