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Written By: Alan


Model Road Model Mfg Pt # Qnty
F-M H15-44 AC&Y Atlas 9539 4
F-M H16-44 AC&Y Atlas 9592 3
F-M H16-44 AC&Y Atlas 9593 2
EMD SD-70MAC CSX Genesis G6407 1
EMD SD-35 N&W Atlas 10 000 262 1
Alco S-2 AC&Y Atlas 8700 6
EMD SD-70M CSX Genesis G6161 1
Alco RS-1 AC&Y Atlas 10002109 1

Rolling Stock

Type Road Model Mfg Pt # Qnty
Boxcar AC&Y Kadee 4045 6
Boxcar AC&Y Kadee – SC 4058 2
Boxcar AC&Y Kadee 4002 7
Boxcar AC&Y Kadee 4041 3
Boxcar AC&Y Athearn 1212 6
Boxcar AC&Y Bev-Bel 2396 8
Boxcar AC&Y Bev-Bel 2396-1 3
Boxcar AC&Y Accurail 5302 4
Boxcar AC&Y Roundhouse 7774 2
Stock AC&Y Proto 2000 21375 2
Stock AC&Y Proto 2000 21376 2
Stock AC&Y Proto 2000 21377-290 2
Stock AC&Y Proto 2000 21377-293 2
Stock AC&Y Proto 2000 21377-295 2
Stock AC&Y Proto 2000 21377-298 3
Hopper AC&Y Accurail 2521 8
Covered Hopper AC&Y Bowser 56457 2
Covered Hopper AC&Y Bowser 56458 3
Covered Hopper AC&Y Bowser 56459 2
Caboose AC&Y Atlas 6313-1 4
Caboose AC&Y Atlas 6313-2 4
Covered Hopper Pillsbury Intermountain PBLX-04 1
Gondola CSX Atlas 200 000 729* 18
Quad Hopper CSX Bn. Silver 17618* 10
Stock B&O Proto 2000 21197 1
Center Flow Hopper CN Bn. Silver 17513 6
Center Flow Hopper CSX Bn. Silver 17518* 4
Center Flow Hopper CN Bn. Silver 19113 2
Quad Hopper CSX Bn. Silver 17642 1
Cyl. Grain Hopper GN Bn. Silver 19111 3
Boxcar B&O Bn. Silver 18015 1
Covered Hopper BN Walthers 932-5379 1
Boxcar WM Bn. Silver 17041 2
Gondola NW Bn. Silver 17242 1
Center Flow Hopper DT&I Bn. Silver 17532 1
Center Flow Hopper Monsanto Bn. Silver 17547 1
Reefer CN Bn. Silver 17913 1
Hopper C&O Athearn 02331 5
Gondola PM Proto 2000 920-54089 2
Gondola P&LE Proto 2000 920-54100 1
Covered Hopper WP Athearn 73816 1
Covered Hopper BNSF Athearn 73804 1
Boxcar CSX Atlas 20 000 804 2
Boxcar RBOX Atlas 20 000 806 1
Kaolin Tank Car SHPX Atlas 1716-2 1
Kaolin Tank Car A-A Clays Atlas 1712-2 1
16K Gal Tank Car GATX Walthers 932-7231 4
16K Gal Tank Car ITDX Walthers 932-7235 3
16K Gal Tank Car PPTX Walthers 932-7236 3
16K Gal Tank Car Hubinger Walthers 932-7222 2
Pulpwood Flat Undec Atlas 1601 3
Gondola Erie Proto 2000 10504 1
Boxcar Railbox Athearn 92545 4
Reefer WPRX Athearn 91335 2
Covered Hopper JWFX Athearn 71694 2
Boxcar C&O Bn. Silver 18022 1
Boxcar Rock Bn. Silver 18008 1
Hopper Southern Bn. Silver 17604 1
Stock CP Bn. Silver 18524 1
Stock SP Bn. Silver 18507 1
Boxcar GM&O Accurail 93432 1
Covered Hopper CB&Q Accurail 92017 1
Boxcar CP Accurail 82061 1
Covered Hopper NP Walthers 932-3726 1
Boxcar GRN Atlas 20 000 260 1
Covered Hopper GBRX Atlas 20 000 283 1
Boxcar TNCX Athearn 88909 1
Boxcar AC&Y Athearn 91219 6
Covered Hopper NYC Atlas 1403-1 1
Boxcar WM Athearn 91212 1
Boxcar CSX Athearn 7057 1
Gondola SLSF Proto 2000 23641 2
Gondola C&O Proto 2000 23634 1
Boxcar ACL Accurail 5635 1
Boxcar NH Accurail 5124 2
Boxcar KDC Kadee 6904 1
Boxcar AC&Y InterMountain 45613* 7
Covered Hopper AC&Y Atlas 11301* 9
Single Sheath Boxcar AC&Y Roundhouse 02090 1
OB Boxcar AC&Y  Custom LL 1
Caboose AC&Y Wright Trak AC&Y HS 1
Covered Hopper Firestone Athearn 72337-9 3
Boxcar AC&Y Walthers 910-2375 1
Boxcar AC&Y Walthers 910-2376 2
Boxcar AC&Y Athearn 76912 2
Boxcar AC&Y Athearn 76914 1
Boxcar D&M Walthers 910-2183 2
Tank car Bakers Chocolate Athearn 7276 1
Caboose Santa Fe Athearn 7411 1
Covered Hopper AC&Y Roundhouse 02066 1
Reefer Berghoff Beer Walthers 932-2469 1
Reefer B&A Athearn 5463 1
Covered Hopper BF Goodrich Roundhouse 16425* 2
Boxcar AC&Y Accurail 1712 1
Boxcar AC&Y Kadee 4128 2
Tank Car DuPont Walthers 932-7214 1
Boxcar Reading Walthers 910-2391 1
Covered Hopper Sir Richardson Accurail 2103 1
Hopper Woodruff Coal Bowser KRMHS 1
Covered Hopper Columbian Chemical Accurail 8116.3 4

* Representative pt.#, different road numbers

Updated 25 Dec 2023



  1. Flashwave says:

    Ah yes. Good idea to start early. If you get tired of Excel, I highly reccomend looking at YardOffice. It’s a free downloadable program, there’s extras you can pay for, but not neccesary, and there’s all kinds of info you can put in, from roadnumber, product pictures, there’s even in the free list roo for additional expenses to the model and a list of things that need to be done, or have been done to the individual models.

    Of course, the list you have above does a very practical job, and an enterprising person with databse experience can crank out something on their own too.

  2. Alan says:

    Actually Flashwave, I am not even getting that involved with it. Just the little html table above is my only list. As I begin assembling the kits and detailing/weathering all I will then probably make an Excel worksheet for them. InDesign does a real nice job of linking to Excel data so I can make some sweet looking car cards for operations. But that is down the road. For the time being this blog page is my only list. I will check out YardOffice nonetheless. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Flashwave says:

    heh, passed an ACY Kadee boxcar at a Hobby show this weekend, first thought was of you. Must admit, until now, I wouldn’t have given the AC&Y much more, but it popped out to me. No, I didn’t have the money to pick it up though…

  4. Alan says:

    That Kadee would have looked good in a Half-Moon Orion & Northern manifest!
    Check out the latest Intermountain announcement:
    One road number each will be joining the LK&O roster!

  5. Flashwave says:

    And at least one will, I can assure you of that. I just need emplyment before I start expanding roster. I’m just working away projects already on my plate right now.

    Sweet to see someone else doing your road! My only hope is that I can find something with the roofwwalks removable: they were banned shortly after your primary target era and I’m not sure I can get away with cutting the ladders. Those Athearn cars though, I can just leave them off and plug the holes.

  6. Dan Foltz says:

    I do not know your plans for operations. If you do plan on it, JMRI is a great OPS application and is free. It has within it a Car Roster where you can track most things you would want to know about cars. Then if you do decide to get into operations, your cars will be already identified and entered. There is nothing to lose and perhaps something to gain.

    I am not familiar with YardOffice so I cannot make any comparisons. I just know that JMRI is great for operations but even better for programming engine decoders. There is much much more to the total offering. All for just a download and install.

  7. Dan Foltz says:

    Ouch, I see the last comment was just a couple of (or more) years ago. You have more than likely gone way beyond this point by now. I replied only because the email just reached me yesterday. Hum?

  8. Dan Foltz says:

    Well, am I dumb or what? I ventured off of the original topic and responded as if I were still there. OOPS!

  9. alan says:

    No worries Dan. This page is regularly updated anytime rolling stock is added to the railroad so your comments are welcome.

    I am aware of JMRI however I use Microsoft Excel for car inventory and routing management. During my business career I became quite proficient with Excel so running my railroad with it feels natural. Since I have no desire to interface with or control my railroad with a computer the majority of JMRI’s functions would go unused for me.

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