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The LK&O Right-of-Way Is Complete

Written By: Alan - May• 19•11

With the installation of the window frames I can now pronounce the train room finished and ready for layout construction to begin. Although, for the moment it is still acting as temporary storage for items that belong in the workshop.

The cabinets need to be completed so they can be filled with all the stuff piled up in the train room. To that end I am making good progress. I have them fitted, stained, and with two coats of Minwax Satin Urethane. Finished putting on the second coat of clear just before these pictures were taken. The doors have been stained but await clear coat. I’ll get to that this weekend.

Sure was a lot of sanding in the cabinet project. Even though the faces of the cabinets came out reasonably flush with each other there were a few places where one face was a bit higher or lower than the adjoining face. It wasn’t an alignment issue but rather slight bowing of the cabinet faces on some units. I want them to be flush throughout so out came the belt sander. With a 120 grit belt I sanded and sanded and sanded and… You get the idea. Like forever. But finally everything was smooth and even. I followed up with 180 grit on a DA sander to put the final finish on them and to remove the 120 grit marks. Lots of sanding but the results are well worth it.

The doors were a bit easier as all they required was a quick 180 grit sand to make them stain ready. They were in very nice shape to begin with. I am impressed considering how inexpensive they were.

The staining process goes like this:

  1. One coat Minwax Golden Pecan oil stain, overnight dry, cloth wipe
  2. One coat Minwax Golden Oak oil stain, overnight dry, cloth wipe
  3. Two coats Minwax Satin Urethane Clear, overnight between coats, 48 hours final dry
  4. Flat sand with 220 grit
  5. Two coats Minwax Satin Urethane Clear, overnight dry between coats

I can hear trains in the distance. I am going to build me a railroad!

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