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Another Sub-roadbed Progress Update

Written By: Alan - Jul• 11•13

Oops! There is another location that needed an extension on a sheet of plywood. So I was wrong. Not like it is a rare occurrence for me. Good opportunity to show the lather-rinse-repeat motions I have going through making sub-roadbed.


Here, the track has been sliced out of the print.


Track print positioned on plywood sheet that has extension glued on using cutoff scraps.


Tracing made of print.


Sub-roadbed cut out, edges sanded.


Sub-roadbed in position on benchwork.


Track print in place on new sub-roadbed.


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  1. Rob says:

    Alan, your doing a great job. I sure hope after you get the track down there are some video’s posted for us loyal followers to watch. You are feloniously neat in your work I’m dialing 911 right now.

    Just kidding, it has got to be a pleasure to have everything so neat and organized while you are working as it must make for some real progress when you do get to work on your railroad.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Greg Amer says:

    I love the bench-work and roadbed phase. Interesting method with the full size track printout.

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