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Center Room Looking Good

Written By: Alan - Aug• 28•10

Paintwork is all finished in the center basement room. It looks real nice. My wife did her usual bang up job of paint application. The picture doesn’t do her work justice. Next, the wash tub will be installed and plumbed. I am considering adding some sort of waterproof wall sheathing behind the tub. Obviously that decision needs to be made in a hurry. A quick browse at Home Depot and Lowes should answer the question. With the walls painted I was able to complete the ejector discharge plumbing. It didn’t make sense to put the line in and then be forced to paint behind it so that part of the plumbing was delayed until after paint.

One concern we had during the planning stage was the center room area looking like a hallway instead of a room. The fears have completely disappeared now that the room is close to being finished. If anything the room feels rather expansive. The white and light gray walls colors definitely helped too. All and all I am extremely happy with the results.

Finishing of the basement bathroom is next.

BTW I finally remembered to turn off that irritating date stamp on the camera so it won’t be there on future pictures.


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