A Railroad with Relevance

Track Plan

Written By: Alan

Upper deck

Lower deck

As seen in
Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine.


  1. flashwave says:

    Just popped in, I REALLY like the shape of Brittain Yard.

    Anywhat, I did notice that your yard does not have a lead track. This is not needed for one man ops, but if you want to go a more functionally accurate yard, you’d want one. A lead track needs to access all tracks in the yard, without hindering the mainline, or doing so minimally on smaller railroads. You could install a doubleslip at the left end of the yard, one track up from the mainline, just short of the helix, and run it alongside the main, or do it at the corssovers on the other side. I think the first one is the easier route. Right now, I’m not seeing any easier way to do Brittain Yard than what you have. It’s not Brittain, but it fits the area perfectly. I saw you commnted on the benchwork being too wide, what parts are you unable to reach? The back throat of the yard?

    The helix, you might try hiding with structres so you don’;t get the same “helix in a mountain. My views of Brittain Yard shw the area surrounded by a decent factory base, so you could do a few neat shots of the train circling inside, periodically out between and then back between, some large factory complexes. Be cool scenery.

  2. flashwave IE8 comment test says:

    yard doesn’t look like Brittain

  3. flashwave says:

    Alroghty then. Some visual edits. My apologies on not being able to get all of Brittain Yard, but I tried to get some more of the flavor.
    * I redid (badly) the engine facility. See if you can make it better, but I think you have room to do what I approximated.
    * I added in the gravel pit. This will be a minor reference, as you will need to be able to reach back at the engien facility. LIkewise, it cannot go at the other end by the Goodyear plant, as you cannot reach the yard throat. (I tried)
    * We’re still missing the yard’s lead track, unless I’m not clear on what’s the mainline. I did not get that added in yet though, and again, since it’s you, you, and occasionally you, not a big deal.


    * Helix inside the building: Coming out of Brittain Yard, the railroad curves between two buildings. (I bumped out your benchwork another 6 inches or so to put it in, don;t have to be much) Where the operator is stadindg, he sees a wll going two or three stories up. However, from the railroad side of it, the solid rail line paralells te lower two stories, and the top story goes over the track. Somewhere under that third stoy, the railroad “enters” the building. This would be unseen however from most common angles. Then it essentially circles around inside the bechwork the same way.
    * Anyone standing in Brittain Yard sees a ~three story factory complex.
    * Anyone in the Goodyear railyard sees a 1 story, maybe two.
    * The only portion of the railroad not in Goodyear, is the section underneath the railroad sidings serving the complex. That siding will likely need to be upgrade to give you enough clearence for the helix underneath. You won’t need a lot, but a little would help
    * I’m a tad bit worried about you being able to reach into the Goodyear complex for derailments on the Goodyear sidings. Make sure the buildings there are removable. (but you’ve probably already thought of that)


    * I’m afraid the scenery gap bewtween Lepeer and Brittain is getting too small, even on different levels.
    * The track there is getting rather complicated
    * But I like your industrial area. Good on you with that.

    Clear as mud yet?

  4. flashwave says:

    The guy who likes turntables says Brittain is missing its turntable… 🙂

    Also, the gravel pit is still not there. It’s no biggie, I just have it stuck in mah head

  5. Alan says:

    Yeah, you’re right. No space for a turntable. Plus, I learned from an AC&YHS member that the AC&Y kept the table locked in the same position since the mid-late sixties. The roundhouse was demolished early 70’s. With no steam on the layout and AC&Y not really using the TT/RH combo anyway I elected to drop it.
    Gravel pit dropped only because it has to be so durn big to look realistic plus it is located on the east end of the yard where space is a problem already.

  6. flashwave says:

    I’ve no sense of direction anyway, but where is scale “east”

    (Not to keep goading, just babbling more frivoulous info) but have you seen the gravel pit in the MRR mags, March 2009?

  7. flashwave says:

    It’s just a photoblind on a 12inch shelf, with large small rock piles around

    I’m just thinking a photo blind and a tunnel stager under the upper pass line though, and really, I’m jjust rambling for no point.

  8. Alan says:

    I’ve always thought of direction based on prototype Brittain Yard. You made me realize the drawing is upside down. The Workbench is on the North wall in the drawing. The lead is on the West end of the yard. Kitzmiller is East of the yard.
    MRR subscription started Jan 2010. Will try to find Mar 2009.
    Trying to design so no dividers necessary on peninsula. Only on walls preferred.
    Rambling good.

  9. Flashwave says:

    Is that the most recent plan up there now? (A hint in a corner might be handy, much like architects do their drawings)

    I like that. What’s the track above Mittiki Mine? And if I might ask, are trains terminating into and out of Mittiki, or picking up/dropping in Kitzmiller?

  10. Alan says:

    Flashwave, sorry for the delayed response.
    Yes, the plan that is posted is the most recent and is final.
    Mittiki Mine now has 3 load out tracks and a run around. Was more proto. The track above it is actually the mainline. It goes into a tunnel (above and to the right of the mine). The dotted tunnel track lines are hard to see in the blog image. The main enters the tunnel in the Maryland mountains, goes through the back drop, and exits under the highway overpass view block in Lapeer.
    Mettiki spur is off the Kitzmiller siding. Empties in – loads out shoved all the way to the mine. Kitzmiller siding used as run around if need be. May drop at Kitzmiller if a dedicated switcher works the mine.

  11. Pete says:

    thanks for all the info-I am close by the area-one thing for sure-keep an eye open for any major rain fall in the Kitzmiller area-it is in the North Branch of the Potomac and bad things can happen in a short period of time!!
    I can’t wait till you get scenery -and know that you are eager to get it done!!
    Will check back from time to time!

  12. Martin Raemy says:

    Hello alan
    I followed the construction progress on flickr.
    I have not seen any new entries for a long time.
    are you no longer present on flickr?

  13. alan says:


    Appreciate the follow on Flickr however I did leave the service when it sold to SmugMug.

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