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Tape and Mud

Written By: Alan - Nov• 20•10

Moving right along on the train room. Got all the dry wall taped and mud layer one done this weekend. The application may scream home owner!!! to the professional but you can’t take fault with the final results based on the rooms before this one. I’ll knock the tops off the rough spots and put on another coat of joint compound before the sanding begins. It is labor intensive although it sure looks good when finished.

Check out all the lights. I like to see well! Now you know why I pulled a separate lighting circuit just for the train room. 14 lamps total, each a 100w CFL. Lots of light and very low current draw. Best of both worlds.

A big grin came over my face as we hung the door for the first time. It must be real plumb because it doesn’t move at all from wherever it is opened. And the action is smooth and easy. Nice.


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  1. Gerhard Klose says:

    From the looks of the mud on the wall panels, you’re not nailing/screwing the drywall except on the perimeter? I (total amateur) thought you were supposed to nail it every 16″ stud?

  2. Gerhard Klose says:

    Oops – that’s what happens when you type too soon – the photos in your next blog entry (Train Room Paint Ready) shows the mud spots where intermediate nailing has been done, so, to quote Arte Johnson on the old SNL: “Never Mind”

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