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Collect Them All!

Written By: Alan - Nov• 08•10

My wife is fond of making fun at the way marketers use the phrase “Collect them all” when they are trying to entice you to buy more of the crap they want to sell you. Now I am guilty of the same. The eighth ACY FM H16-44 has joined the roster of the LK&O. I have collected them all. The AC&Y had units 200-208. I had 200-207. Now I have #208. Sure is going to be a lot of yellow FM locomotives in my Brittain yard.

Let’s hope that unlike the original I can keep mine on the rails!


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  1. Morgan says:

    WOnderful, now you just have the S2s and what’s behind 208 in that picture? 😛

  2. Alan says:

    Morgan, I have all of the S-2’s already. They are undecorated at the moment but will eventually find their way into AC&Y colors. Behind 208 is one of AC&Y’s H20-44 locomotives. The only model H20-44 units I have found are brass models well beyond my price range.

  3. bob says:

    You say brass is out of your price range, and perhaps so, but once you are past track laying (a few years? from now) and assuming no manufacture has added those weird H20-44s you may decide to pick up one in brass just to round out the roster. Can’t cost more than the 8 H16-44s (1 vs 8). With all the fantastic quality plastic diesels out there the only reason for an operator to buy brass is to fill in truly necessary a hole in the plastic market for what you need to faithfully recreate your road. Your mileage may vary.

    BTW, love the blogs. Inspiring.
    Bob (armchair modeler for 3 decades, getting out of the chair, finally)

  4. alan says:

    Bob, you are right if I need only one. But I know how I am. Once I get one then I will want one for each 20-44 the AC&Y had on roster – 9. Ouch! Like Lay’s potato chips – bet you can’t eat just one!

  5. Rob says:

    It sure would be nice if Atlas would come out with an H20-44 even if it was not the exact phase it could be a real good compromise model. They were used buy a few big roads and made it to still more via mergers. I suspect a bit of their existing tooling could be used to make some of the components for the new model. I know I would like to have a few, the drive from their H16-44s would be excellent.

  6. Wade Griffis says:

    I have sent Atlas requests for them to do the H20-44 several times with no reply. Told them same thing – could use trucks , probably several pieces of the long hoods , etc. Sent them complete rosters too. Hopefully some day.

  7. Dan says:

    i believe i drove by this locomotive on highway 93 in colorado. I stopped and took a picture. Looks old and beat up.

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