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Western Pacific 8th Subdivision

Written By: Alan - Mar• 22•13

Made a little video for Rob Spangler, a model railroader virtual friend of mine. Rob posts pictures to MRH but he is not into making videos. So, I made one for him using his posted pictures. Much of my planned modeling will be following right along with Rob’s style and methods. And, hopefully, with similar results. I doubt I will ever achieve a skill level to match his but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to try!

Enjoy the short tour of Rob’s Western Pacific 8th Subdivision in HO.


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  1. Scott Pandorf says:

    Alan, I have been enjoying your journey (from my point of view you have amazing patience to spend all this time in preparation without laying any track!).

    Question, what software did you use to create this picture tour?

    Thanks, Scott.

  2. alan says:


    The hand images were prepared and sequenced with Photoshop. The pictures and movie animation sequence was built in After Effects. Both are CS6.


  3. Rob says:

    Nice job.

  4. Joe Brugger says:

    Nice tour. Got to meet Rob and his family last year at the Great Basin Getaway. Haven’t noticed anything about ops in your comments here. Is that part of the LK&O plan?

    I’m an Ohio kid too. Grew up in Springfield.

  5. alan says:

    Ops certainly are a part of the plan but I am so far away from doing so hence no posts about ops. I’m not a huge fan of regularly scheduled ongoing op sessions but am open to the idea on occasion. Not anti-social or anything like that. Just that my trains are my escape from daily rigors and that includes people. I love putting on good music and working away for hours all by myself. I suspect it will be the same once trains are running.

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