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Connectors #5 & #6

Written By: Alan - Nov• 29•15

The railroad has madelocate connect 56 it to the second river crossing with the completion of connector #5 and connector #6. The rubber factory switching area is complete as is the interchange with the Akron and Barberton Belt RR. The railroad is growing!

[EDIT] Oops, forgot Waldo. Locator map added.


What model railroad is complete without a dramatic high bridge crossing of a deep ravine? None of course. My big bridge scene occurs where the AC&Y crosses the west branch of Rocky River and River Styx Road just east of Medina Ohio. Here is the Google map if you are interested. Or how about a screenshot from Bing:

river styx

The houses and golf course weren’t there in 1969. It was a picturesque wooded area.

Connector 6 forms one approach to the bridge. Here I used a 4 ft level as a straightedge to make sure the bridge track would be straight and both approaches are aligned straight as they meet the bridge.


100_7778     100_7781

With the bridge alignment set, building the connectors was straightforward.

1. Secure the connector section in position once the modules on both sides are complete:


2. Form, trim, and lightly file rail ends of the flex track:


3. Slide rail joiners fully onto rail ends:


4. Run and spread a bead of caulk:


5. Place flex track in position secured with masking tape, slide rail joiners onto mating rails:


6. Lay short pieces of cutoff 1by lumber on track center line, add weight, dry overnight:


7. Repeat the process for each track:


8. Remove the connector, build it out on the workbench:


9. Paint and clean rails:
(wrong connector pics I know but you get the idea)

100_7791    100_7792

10. Final placement of connector with all fasteners installed, slide rail joiners into place, set foam:


11. Trim wire lengths, solder lugs, complete electrical connections from module to connector:


Piece of cake, right? Nothing to it!

I am going to skip over the viaduct for the time being as building the bridge will be a project in and of itself. Next I am moving on to module #7 as I make my way towards the Lapeer module. A few more build pics of connectors 5 and 6 for you…


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  1. John says:

    Looking great Alan. Thanks for the updates.

  2. AM David says:

    I always enjoy your updates. Great progress on the railroad.

  3. CHUCK H. says:

    Alan, You have made great progress since my last visit. Fantastic work. The detail in the project and your coverage of the process is top notch. I also envy your ability to be home spending time on your hobby while I am in yet another hotel resturant. Lucky fellow.

  4. Alan says:

    Such is the life of a TC, eh Chuck? 7 years of hotel restaurants and airport concourses was enough for me. I don’t know how you’ve done it as long as you have. Travel safe.
    Thanks for stopping by the LK&O Railroad!

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