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Lower Deck LED Install

Written By: Alan - Mar• 26•13

Remember all the issues I had with the adhesive on the LED strip not sticking well to the ceiling angles? Now I need the LED strips to stick to the edge of sawn plywood. If the adhesive didn’t work well on enameled steel it certainly wasn’t going to work on plywood edge. Wood glue does stick to plywood. So, I tested a little three LED strip glued to plywood with wood glue. Spread a very thin line of  wood glue right down the middle of the pressure sensitive adhesive on the back of the strip. Put it on the edge of scrap plywood and weighted it slightly. Next day I tried to remove the LED strip. Wooaaa, let me tell you that worked great. Even prying under it with a screwdriver the bond fought me all the way. Terrific! I have a tested mounting method.

With all the reflectors installed I begin mounting LED strips. I’m mounting them in a short section each evening. The glue is working great.



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