A Railroad with Relevance

South Helix – Part II

Written By: Alan - Mar• 16•21

Up, up and away. The helix is gaining elevation.

The first loop roadbed is now firmly anchored to the abutments and the spiral begins. A pair of #8 x 1-1/4″ countersunk wood screws did the job. I refined the joints with the DA sander just to make sure they are super flat. The veneer on the underlayment is incredibly thin as to be expected. Just touch the sander to it and poof, it’s gone.

I’m flowing considerably more solder into the rail joiners than I normally would. It would be a royal pain to resolder a joint once the helix is in its final position. No appearance worries, the helix is hidden.

If you go this route building a helix come prepared with a whole bunch of clamps and a gallon jug of wood glue!

Onward and upward.


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