A Railroad with Relevance

Got Indoor Plumbin’

Written By: Alan - May• 25•10

Tonight was filled with apprehension. I soldered the last pipe of the new plumbing for the basement bathroom and wash tub. It was time to tie the new plumbing into the house system and turn on the water. The usual problem of getting all the water out of the system so the solder joints will take wasn’t really an issue this time. When we first started finishing the basement a few years ago (yes, years) we put up a wall to separate the house mechanicals (furnace, water heater, softener, etc.) from the rest of the basement. Inside that wall were dropped hot and cold lines off of the mains with hose faucets on the ends. This arrangement provides a convenient way of draining and filling our water bed upstairs. Well, it turns out the faucets also serve extremely well as a whole house system drain. I opened the water bed faucets to drain the system, cut the mains, removed a half dozen hangers so the lines would droop, and then let the pipes dribble. There wasn’t much residual water at all. Put the tees in and soldered the final six joints. Then came the big moment – turn on the water. No leaks! What a big relief. With plumbing finished we are one step closer to building a railroad.


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