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Where Would You Be If…

Written By: Alan - Apr• 03•10

…the Akron Canton and Youngstown RR is not a fallen flag?

…the AC&Y interchanges CN at Delphos and CSX at Mogadore?
…unit grain trains move from Michigan to western Maryland?
…endless coal drags move from western Maryland to Michigan?
…everything is 1/87th size?
…some guy is having a blast in his basement?

You would be at the Lapeer Kitzmiller & Ohio RR. The LK&O is, rather will be, a freelanced HO layout that incorporates three unique, individual locales each having special meaning – my neighborhood today (CN mainline), the neighborhood where I grew up (AC&Y), and the beautiful mountain scenery at the home of my wife’s relatives in Maryland (CSX mainline). Like so many I had a model train set as a boy. Actually, I had half of our basement full of trains! What started as a Christmas present from my mom turned into an obsession. The AC&Y Brittain yard was not far from our house and I spent considerable time there. Thus, it holds special memories for me as that is where I observed train motions that I could mimic on my model layout. It is deserving the AC&Y is the primary design prototype on the LK&O.

Item number one on the agenda was to solicit the House Appropriations Committee (my wife) for basement space and train money. Roughly 1/3 of the basement or about 800 sq.ft. has been set aside for trains. Wall construction has begun. Drywall and paint comes next. As for the money part my wife is an absolute doll. I’m snatching up every AC&Y model I can find and she hasn’t said a word about the cost. I know I don’t need motive power or rolling stock before I have rails to put them on but I just couldn’t stop myself. I had to go on the hunt for AC&Y. More on the basement progress as it happens.


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  1. Matt Miles says:

    Your crazy!

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