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It’s Here!

Written By: Alan - May• 19•10

My Genesis SD-70MAC Spirit of Cumberland arrived today. What a beautifully detailed locomotive. The quality of the paintwork and level of detail is stunning. If it runs as good as it looks I will be one very happy camper. If only I had some rails to place it on. All in due time I suppose. It is hard to be patient.

There are some nice photos of the prototype Spirit of Cumberland here.

A second milestone was reached this evening. After a week’s worth of evenings pulling, sniping and twisting Romex the new wiring in the basement is complete. I pulled three new circuits from the load center. A 15A circuit for the train room lighting, a 20A circuit for plugs in the workshop, and a 20A circuit for the ejector pump in the basement bathroom. Yes, you read right. An ejector pump circuit. Scope creep set in and so not only is there a new train room in the basement there is also a roughed in full bath! The plumbing for a basement bath was installed in the slab when the house was built so a basement bath was always part of the plan. Having the mechanicals room finished, the workshop finished, and the train room on it’s way to being finished it didn’t make sense to leave one small area of the basement unfinished.  Besides, installing a wash tub required I install copper and DWV anyway so why not do it up right and finish the plumbing once and for all? Hence the new bathroom. Off to Home Depot for another pre-hung door and a bit more lumber. Presto, we have a new bathroom. I still have to run branch copper for water, a little finish work on the DWV plumbing, and install additional smoke detectors but otherwise the basement is drywall ready.

Off in the distance I can hear the rumble of an EMD710 prime mover. It is getting closer by the day!


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