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Blue Walls

Written By: Alan - Jan• 06•11

Blue paint is on the walls and first impression tells me the color choice is right. The blue shade is the right hue and lightness when compared to the horizon of real sky visible through the windows. It is winter so the sky isn’t as blue as it will be in summer but that is good because the walls are slightly bluer right now. I am pleased as punch with the color. As usual my wife did a superb job of applying the paint. She sure makes my amateur wallboard work look good!

The layout will have a 24″ backdrop around it. The plan is to paint the backdrop with the same paint thus masking the backdrop to wall transition as much as possible. The photo print that will be used on the backdrop will have its sky trimmed away. Of course a little testing of the backdrop/photo cutting will be done when the time comes but the wall color is now permanent.

Over the holidays I was also able to begin the trim work. The door frame moldings have been cut and stained. The doors are in the staining process as well. Hopefully this weekend I will get a couple coats of urethane varnish on them.

The LK&O train room is moving right along!


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  1. Gerhard says:

    Hello again –
    I wrote a note about the ceiling under the “Paint Ready” post. Any return comments? – Gerhard

  2. Alan says:

    Gerhard, thanks for your suggestions. I’m still noodlin’ on the problem.
    Check out Joe’s shadowbox construction:
    I want to do something similar. It would allow me to work around the offending plumbing and the unusual arrangement needed at the windows by incorporating all of this as the valence “ceiling”. I could easily work with hardboard to make the necessary workarounds and window opening. This odd work will be up under the valence and painted white. Conventional 2×2 drop ceiling over the aisles only.
    Don’t know yet for sure.

  3. George Booth says:

    Hi Alan,

    Thanks for the comment about my website in the MRH forum. I assume you didn’t have any problems navigating the links in the “Contents” column since it looks like you uploaded one of the photos. Sometimes people don’t notice the contents are links to other pages.

    Your web site is also nicely done. I’ll have to spend some time browsing it.

    George Booth

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