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Workbench Overhaul – Part IV

Written By: Alan - Apr• 10•14

I have finished constructing the new add-ons for the bench. Something tells me Bob Vila won’t be stopping by to congratulate me on my fine woodworking skills! But hey, it’s just a workbench, right? Good enough for me. All sanded down and ready for paint and stain.








And this week six new Akro-Mils small parts storage cabinets arrived. 4 – 64 small drawer units and 2 – 24 large drawer units. They fit nice in the frame. Happy happy.

akro 1 akro 2


Workbench drawingNoP_PDF_downlaod



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  1. Rob Dove says:

    Bob Vilia was a guy with a beard and a vest and could not swing a hammer to save himself. The real carpenter on the show was Norm Abrams who was also the host of the new Yankee Workshop. Norm designed and built everything on the shows. If you were to throw in some half lap joints and a few dados Norm would be heaping praise on you. As it is he might because your bench seems to be well thought out for it’s intended purpose and it looks like it will do so in an excellent fashion. I’d love to see a sketch with dimensions after you get done.

    I’m using an old computer desk and it is not nearly as nice as yours.

  2. Alan says:

    Thank you for the compliments Rob. I updated the post with a dimensional drawing for you.

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