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Written By: Alan - Aug• 21•10

The model railroading forums are an immense help to me. The entry before this one was about my posting of the proposed LK&O track plan on the forums asking for critique. It is a week later and the advice has rolled in. Bountiful advice matter of fact. Having so many experienced modelers give your plan a shake down is a wonderful thing. It is like a team of virtual consultants is working on the LK&O. How cool is that?

I compiled a list of the key points from my “virtual consultant” staff from three different forums. The comments were grouped by subject with redundant comments eliminated. This list will now serve as my “Needs Attention” task list for the next round of track plan refinement. The most popular comment was about the track layout in Brittain Yard. I knew this would be the hot button even before I posted the plan. It has been challenging to make Brittain Yard fit in my available space. Ironic considering Brittain Yard is what sparked the whole LK&O idea!

Once I have redesigned the track plan to address the entire list I will post it on the forums once again.

Use aisles 36-40” wide
Build bench work in modules

Trackwork – Industries
Insufficient siding length to switch Goodyear complex
Goodyear complex spur grade too steep
Goodyear complex turnouts too optimistic
Longer siding at Firestone
Train in tunnel when switching Mettiki mine
No runaround near mine
Mettiki mine own runaround too short to build trains
Use 22” minimum radius for industrial sidings
Trackwork – Yard
Brittain yard turnouts less than #4
Brittain yard curves too sharp
Need longer engine service track
Double slip bad at yard throat
Longer yard lead
Trackwork – General
18” curves are a problem
Split X crossing in Lapeer into separate turnouts
Go over not under river with Kitzmiller line
Interchange track are too complicated
Staging track imbalance

Mettiki mine tracks out of reach
Sufficient access to Mettiki mine helix?
Goodyear helix access
Goodyear track not accessible

Hide helix with buildings?
Add gravel pit since is part of Brittain yard prototype
Scenery gap between Brittain and Lapeer too small
High track rounding Potomac river corner will cause scenery issue

Drawing not to scale
Use turnout templates to physically lay out plan
Insufficient helix clearance below Mettiki mine
Goodyear helix clearance issue
Need to facilitate oversize cars (auto racks)

Turnouts w/wo decoder control


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