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Another AC&Y Sweet Find

Written By: Alan - Jul• 08•10

Check this out. An Accurail AC&Y boxcar. This is the first Accurail boxcar to join my fleet of AC&Y rolling stock. Thanks eBay!

I have learned that model railroaders call this kit, and the Athearn kits in previous posts, “shake the box” kits. Easy enough to understand where that name came from. I like shake the box kits. While it is convenient to take a RTR car out of the package and place it on the rails immediately, there is no replacing the sense of accomplishment and pride that comes with assembling your own. Some might argue that shake the box kits are just barely assemble your own since there aren’t very many parts to put together. Esoteric modelers who build rolling stock from scratch, often in brass, have a right to make this statement. But I have not the talent nor desire to do such things. I will be quite satisfied if I can get metal wheels, Kadee couplers, and a decent weathering job on my new Accurail shake the box!

Plus, the fact it is not made in China is a serious plus in my book.

Here is an example of shake the box contents. Pretty simple to assemble.


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  1. My father was the assistant treasurer of this railroad for many years until he retired. I would really love to own on of the cars from his railroad AC&Y. How can I do this? Please email me back to let me know. This would mean so much to me. Thank you in advance for any help you can give me in my search.

    Sharon K. Fleming (maiden name Tetlow. My father was Kenneth Tetlow)

  2. alan says:

    I find most of my stuff on eBay. Search for Akron Canton Youngstown. There are AC&Y cars newly listed almost every day.

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