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Bing Maps

Written By: Alan - Aug• 09•10

Have you seen the Bird’s Eye view feature on Bing’s maps page? Really cool. The images are high quality and you can rotate the camera angle. Technology is amazing! Check out the views of Brittain Yard I was able to get from Bing. Now if only I had available the entire 68′ it would require to duplicate the yard in HO. A nice surprise is the images are old enough they show the since removed part of the diesel shop. Needless to say I captured it from every angle Bing made available.

The track plan progress posted today shows how I am struggling to get Brittain Yard situated on the layout. It is a first attempt but I’m not liking it at all right now. The benchwork is too wide and Brittain Yard too condensed. But it is a start. Onward and upward!


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  1. Al Merkrebs says:

    Thanks for the tip about Bing Maps Alan! Too bad they don’t have Durango, CO from the 1920s!

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