A Railroad with Relevance

Railroad Bridge in the Mountains

Written By: Alan - Sep• 22•10

My wife and I made our yearly pilgrimage to the mountains of Maryland to visit her relatives. It is so peaceful and a slower way of life there. I love it.

My wife’s cousin Rick, a born and bred mountain man, took me and my wife’s brother Dan on a hike into the mountains so I could photograph the bridge where the Thomas Subdivision crosses the Potomac on its way to Mettiki mine. Even if we had never found the bridge, hiking through the mountain forest was an enjoyable trip unto itself. Because Rick has hunted the woods for years it was no trouble for him to lead us straight to the bridge. I snapped pictures continuously while there. If they hadn’t convinced me it was time to leave I probably would have taken pictures until the camera battery died! I did get enough pictures to allow me to accurately model the bridge on the LK&O. The plaque on the bridge says built by the Pennsylvania Steel Co. in 1909. That bridge has been carrying rail traffic for 101 years!


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  1. Al Merkrebs says:

    Gorgeous photos! Thanks for posting them!


  2. Flashwave says:

    Guess I know why I haven’t heard anything mroe for a while, huh. Beutiful country out there. Nice bridge.

    By the way, a bit off topic, but I did link you in a blog I set up as well, I haven’t figured out WordPress yet, but it shoulda sent you something about it. Not that I have any readers, but in case stranger people than normal show up, that may be where.

  3. xc222 says:

    That bridge looks perfect for modeling! It’ll look great on your layout.

    I like the truck too.

  4. Alan says:

    what is your blog address. haven’t received anything. would like to check it out.

  5. Flashwave says:

    Ask an ye shall recieve

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