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Baseboards Complete

Written By: Alan - May• 06•11

The baseboard installation is all done. It came out quite nice I think. Sure did eat up a lot of stain and satin clear!

With baseboards complete I have moved on to the window frames. They were originally going to be plain drywall but late in the game I changed my mind. That’s the beauty of working on your own stuff, you can change your mind all you want to. 🙂 Instead of drywall they will be stained wood frames with trim. The frames are cut, stained, and ready for assembly and mounting. I’ll get them in this weekend. Afterwards, I’ll cut the trim pieces and start the staining process on them.

The window frames will bring the train room preparation to its completion. Let the layout benchwork building begin! Finally, the fun part. If you happened to read the post prior to this one you know I created a bit more work for myself in the workshop area. New cabinets are going up on the walls. Hopefully, I will get them cut and fitted this weekend as well. But the cabinets won’t hold up train layout construction other than occupying my time. Two separate rooms, two separate projects.

Here are a couple pics of the new baseboards. I also temporarily put my modeling workbench in place. More work to do there but it gave me a sense of how it will work and how it will look.


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