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Written By: Alan - Dec• 10•12

The windows are gone, sort of! My wonderful wife made curtains for the train room. I asked for plain blue single panel curtains that wrap around the window trim so as to blend into the wall as best possible. She delivered exactly that. Check out the color… she nailed it.

There is a black curtain panel behind the blue. The black panel serves two purposes – 1) blocks sunlight from outside and layout lighting from inside so the blue curtains didn’t have to be really heavy material; 2) improves the view from outside. Our house is wood textured/colored vinyl siding. The blue color really clashed when outside looking in. Now it looks like the lights are out in the basement. Before, whenever I had the layout lights on at night, it looked like someone was welding in the basement the light shining out was so bright. My honey’s curtains fixed all that! Thanks darling.

The ceiling angle just in front of the curtain is not riveted. Instead, it is fixed in place with masking tape. This way it can be removed along with the light panel to clean the windows, let in the sunshine, or whatever.



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