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Sub-roadbed Lap Joints

Written By: Alan - Jul• 27•13

All of the individual sub-roadbed sections have been trimmed to length so they lay end-to-end nicely. After a little jostling they laid in their proper positioning on the benchwork. A few joints required a little touch-up sanding to get the joint mating angles just right. It wasn’t a big deal. Where they were off it was only a small amount. Next is to glue in place the lap joint boards. The lap joint boards are cut from scraps of plywood leftover from the sub-roadbed cookie cutter operation. Every other section (even numbers) have lap joints on both ends. This will allow the odd numbered sections to fall into place. Screws from underneath will attach the odd numbered sections to the lap board. The odd numbered sections have a small bevel on the bottom of the joint cut to prevent interference from the dried glue bead of the lap board.

lap joint

A disadvantage of doing a lot of gluing simultaneously is running out of clamping tools. Urk! I have three different projects all in a gluing stage at the same time. Bad planning on my part I suppose. Fortunately, it isn’t a race. I’ll glue a few lap joints every day I suppose.

100_5422 100_5423 100_5424


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  1. Rob says:

    Sounds like things are still moving along Alan. A few a night will be plenty and won’t try your patience. That sure is going to be a nice layout.


  2. alan says:

    Thanks Rob. Took a week off railroad building for business travel but now am back gluing boards. 🙂

  3. Rob says:

    Yeah, it’s too bad that work keeps getting in the way of things. If only there was a way to have money and not work, hmm oh yeah they call that welfare or winning the lottery.

    On a side note, I have been reading your blog for some time and really like the format. Could you send me some information on the software etc that you used to put this together etc. My club is looking into establishing a web site and I thought doing something along the lines of your blog would be very nice. It has lots of photos text and is very easy to navigate. It also looks much nicer than some of the professional websites I have been to over the years.

    You could send it off to my email that will not be published above when ever you have a bit of spare time, I know from all the things on here that you are quite busy.

    Thanks in advance


  4. alan says:

    The site is plain ole WordPress. Get it here:
    The theme is Fresh Ink. Get it here:

  5. Rob says:

    Thanks Alan

    We might just have some club cars for sale in the future that you may find very novel for your layout. Our first run will likely be a box car PS1 type.


  6. alan says:

    Tell me more…

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