A Railroad with Relevance

Module #5

Written By: Alan - Jul• 13•15

Didn’t want anyone to thinkmodule 5 I abandoned building the railroad since it has been so long between posts. Summer is here with outdoor maintenance, projects, and fun-in-the-sun taking priority over playing trains. I am still busy on the railroad on rainy days or when I need my train fix! For proof here is a photo of module #5 underway. This is an interesting module with many differences from prior modules. I’ll do a complete writeup detailing the differences when it is finished. And as always many more pictures. Now, back to mowing grass. 🙂



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  1. Rob Dove says:

    I had not seen anything for a while on the MRH page and stopped by to see if everything was ok. Glad it is just other pursuits that have you occupied.

  2. alan says:

    Really busy both at work and on the homestead. Had to pare back on some of the time sinks.

  3. Jason Miller says:

    That’s a fairly substantial module Alan! I can’t wait to see the crane rig you knocked up to move it into position… Good to see the next one coming along.


  4. alan says:

    Good eye Jas. Yep, it is a big module. Over 10′ long! Actually it is the 2nd biggest module on the railroad. The Lapeer module is even larger. Should be interesting when it comes time to place this module back on the layout.

  5. Rob Dove says:

    Hope things are ok Alan have not seen a post recently. Just checking up on one of my internet friends to see how things are going.

  6. alan says:

    Things are OK. Just busy, that’s all. Thanks for the concern Rob.

  7. John Winter says:

    I, like Rob, was wondering if all was ok. Looking forward to progress posts.


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