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Workbench Overhaul – Part V

Written By: Alan - Apr• 20•14

After a week of the basement smelling of wood stain and polyurethane varnish I am making headway. All of the white paint items are finished, everything is stained, and many pieces are complete with their polyurethane applied. Lookin’ good so far.

Our house is trimmed with some oak and some pine both stained honey oak. None of the store bought versions of honey oak stain matched the original trim put in when the house was built. I discovered quite by accident that if I applied Minwax Golden Oak stain, allowed it to dry, and then applied Minwax Golden Pecan stain the resulting color was spot on to the house’s original honey oak. So, that has been my staining process ever since.

Golden OakGolden Pecan image027426230101

Here is the hutch stained with Golden Oak.


Here is the hutch with Golden Pecan over the Golden Oak.


Once the staining is finished and dried overnight each piece goes through a multistage polyurethane application. I am fond of Minwax Clear Satin Oil-based Polyurethane. First, I brush on 2 coats. Each allowed to dry overnight before the next. Then I sand ever so lightly with 220 grit sandpaper to remove the nits. The final coat of polyurethane is liberally applied. The resulting finish is quite nice if I may say so myself.

Both the hutch and the sewing table are ready for polyurethane. Guess what I will be doing for a couple of hours each evening this week. Next post should be the completed ensemble.


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  1. Rob in Texas says:

    Things are looking good. I can hardly wait to see it assembled.

  2. Scott Whittingham says:

    Just wanted to say that I love your picture of the cat walking the rails – I love black cats.

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