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Cork Roadbed – Part II

Written By: Alan - Jan• 13•14

I ran out of cork roadbed before I made it all the way around the layout so while waiting for more I thought I would post a few pics of the progress.

Check out  the nifty widget at the bottom of the page. The rotating globe shows the locations of today’s visitors to the LK&O site with red dots. If someone else is viewing at the same time as you then a label appears showing their location. Silly, I know. Maybe I’ll leave it there, maybe I won’t. I am having trouble getting it to display if you arrived here through the domain name It works if you arrive via a permalink (click on any of the posts in the right column). Not going to troubleshoot any more since I don’t even know if I like it or not. 


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  1. Jeff Youst says:

    Looking good! It’s got to feel great to finally be getting rid of the paper trail and seeing actual ROW structure being down. Well Done.

  2. Love the globe showing the visitors of your site.

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