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Risers Halfway Around

Written By: Alan - Sep• 20•13

Reached the halfway around the layout point with riser installation. It is going well. Bunch more pics for you although none of them particularly interesting. Posting really just to keep the construction record complete. More interesting construction about to begin as I cut the opening through the backdrop to complete the sub-roadbed connection between Lapeer and the mine area. I wanted the Lapeer area sub-roadbed fixed in position before I make the cut. Idea is to keep the opening as small as possible so there is less to hide with scenery. I’ll adjust the position of the sub-roadbed on the mine side of the backdrop if needed to make the alignment. There are no location critical areas of sub-roadbed on the mine/Kitzmiller side of the layout. After that comes cutting custom height risers one at a time for the grade down into the Potomac River valley. Until next time…


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  1. Greg Amer says:

    While the risers layout looks awesome, I’m a little dismayed to see it took you so much coffee to complete this portion of the layout 🙂

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