A Railroad with Relevance

Workbench Progress

Written By: Alan - Mar• 05•11

I have the train room all ready to go but before I dive into building a railroad empire there are a few projects that need to be completed first. There is a high likelihood that once I start building the railroad it may be difficult to stop and do the other things. So the workshop benches are underway. The workshop had never been actually built. More like just stuff sitting everywhere on makeshift tables. I want the workshop to be totally functional. That means a place for everything and everything in its place. The most straightforward way to create a lot of storage space and a lot of work surface is a counter along the walls. That’s what I am building right now. The counters are shown in aqua in the drawing.

The construction method is simple 2×4’s with particle board shelf, hardboard back, and MDF counter top. While it may not look like furniture it was inexpensive to build and is super strong and solid. Here are a few pics of the early construction.

I am at the staining step. A little stain and a few coats of Minwax polyurethane satin will be enough of a finished look to keep me happy. The last coat of urethane is still wet in the pictures. I just applied it an hour ago.

The tops are finished and ready to go on the bases tomorrow.


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