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Alco S-2’s Join the Roster

Written By: Alan - Jul• 28•10

The big road locomotives get all the attention and are usually the romance of railroading. But the hard, down in the trenches work is done back home by the lowly switchers. Working the classification yard sorting cars, pulling the local across town, or spotting cars at the local industries, the railroad would come to a complete standstill if it were not for the work of the switcher. So while they may not get a lot of fame and attention the switcher is an integral part of any railroad operation.

The AC&Y had eight switcher locomotives comprised of just two models – S-2 and RS-1 both built by Alco. There was only a single model RS-1 on the roster, locomotive #102. The remaining seven switchers (#101, 103-108) were all Alco S-2 models. The S2’s were 1,000 horsepower units powered by Alco 539 turbocharged, 6 cylinder diesels.  The S-2 was built between April 1940 and June 1950, with a total of 1502 completed seven of which ended up on AC&Y rails.

Atlas does not offer an S-2 painted in the AC&Y colors but they do offer an undecorated version pt#8700. It is up to me to put them into AC&Y colors. This will be fun! There is enough difference in appearance between each of the AC&Y prototype S-2’s to make it interesting to paint and detail seven locomotives. Bob Lucas from the AC&Y Historical Society was very kind in supplying me with many photographs of the real AC&Y S-2’s in action. The Atlas locomotives came with many separately applied detail parts that will be installed once the paint work is finished. In addition, coming from the ACYHS are accurate decals for each of the locomotives.

The LK&O welcomes locomotives #103-108 to the company roster!

#103 & #107

an incident that won't be modeled 🙂


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