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Workbench Overhaul – Part VIII

Written By: Alan - Jun• 21•14

Here is the photo I promised of my new tool holder. The red plastic thing was given to me a long time ago and had been laying around collecting dust. I decided to make it at least somewhat useful. Never have been a big fan of the plastic universal tool holder fixtures. Seems like the holes are always the wrong size, in the wrong position, or are the wrong combination of small and large holes. Same will be true in this application but better than nothing which is what I had so far. It will do for now.

There is one very redeeming quality to this project – didn’t have to buy a thing. The frame is wood from the scrap bin, the magnetic strip was cut from salvage material that I got from who knows where, and the stain/varnish was already on the shelf. Cut the wood, glue it all together with epoxy, stain it, stick the magnetic strip on with super glue, mount the plastic holder, done. I like quick zero cost projects like this.


Got real lucky with the big holes in the back. They were too big for any practical use with small tools. As it turned out medicine bottles fit down in them just perfect with the tangs for the lid keeping them from dropping through. Sweet.



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