A Railroad with Relevance

Upper Valance – Part IV

Written By: Alan - Jan• 02•12

The holiday break is over and I am quite pleased with the work accomplished on the valance. The blue paint is on and it came out looking real nice. The room looks rather monochromatic with the walls, backdrops, and valance all the same color blue. The layout itself will add the necessary color to bring it all to life.

The ceiling lighting has not yet been relocated. It will be moved once the aisle ceiling grid is in place so I know where to locate the boxes for connections to the lamps. With some of the bulbs right up next to the valance it tends to create shadows on any little defect in the plaster or hardboard work. That will all go away when the lamps are in the center of the aisles.

The valance looks much better in person than it does in the pictures. The camera lens does not have the same field of view as the eye so it is difficult to get a true sense of the flowing curves from the images. In person it looks pretty cool.

Installation of the lighting grid cross tees is next. In some of the pictures you can see pink mason’s string where I have begun to layout the positions. I’ll write a separate post once that step is nearer completion. For now there is a pile of cross tees awaiting cutting and riveting. More on that to come.


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