A Railroad with Relevance

I’m Given’er All She’s Got Capt’n

Written By: Alan - May• 18•12

The local Home Depot stocks 28 Daylight 9W CFLs (14 – two bulb packages). They get stock replenishment every week to 10 days. I have gone to HD every two weeks for the past month and a half to buy them out of bulbs! Must be throwing their sales history for this SKU way out of whack. Tonight I bought the last needed bulbs. Tada. The LK&O Railroad lighting system is officially complete.

I present to you 106 CFLs and 1850 LEDs working in concert to light the LK&O right-of-way.

The pictures are taken with room lights out and the camera flash turned off. My earlier testing showed the shadows caused by the cross ties will be severely subdued once the acrylic light panels are in place. Which by the way, is the next task.


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  1. Greg Amer says:

    Wow. Super bright. It looks great.

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