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New Web Host

Written By: Alan - Mar• 13•23

Over the next few days I will attempt to migrate this web site to a new hosting service. Never have done this before but the process sounds pretty straightforward. Although, they may not have taken into account my outstanding ability to screw things up!

If you visit and something looks wonky please bear with me.

Update: I’m back!

Well, that was an interesting couple of days. Moved my blog from Bluehost to IONOS.

The move worked as the instructions indicated however, as expected, I screwed up something. I had admin access to the site but the public side was a blank page even though all the files and settings looked fine. I fiddled with it for two days before throwing my hands up and calling tech support. I know, I know. There are two kinds of people – those that call tech support and those who laugh at people that call tech support.

I have to tell you, IONOS customer support is exemplary. Vastly superior to what I experienced with Bluehost or any other vendor for that matter. In short order they found and fixed the issues. All totally painless for me. If you call IONOS customer support ask for a guy named Archie C. He is awesome.

I had been with Bluehost since the inception of this blog 13 years ago. My friend Greg who convinced me to create this blog in the first place had an account at Bluehost which he graciously allowed me to use. Later I took ownership of his Bluehost account when he no longer needed it. Everything has been fine over the years except the renewal cost going up and up. The Bluehost renewal due next month was going to be $20/mo. so I decided to look around. IONOS (formerly 1&1) had a much better deal. Half the price of my Bluehost account, essentially same hardware, and a permanently free SSL certificate. Plus, as a new customer I took advantage of their first year promo of $1/mo. Can’t beat that with a stick.

With the move complete and my IT adventure behind me it’s back to trains. Which, by the way, are much more fun than computer stuff.